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The longer I work in this industry, the more I start to see that photography holds no value unless it is designed and printed by a professional. Back in the day, I would burn photos to a disc and send you on your way. I heard the usual: “I am going to print these out when things calm down.” “I am going to make my own album after the honeymoon”. I checked in, sometimes years later, and asked how they liked the photos printed out and I always heard the same response… “Oh, I never got around to it. The disc is still in a drawer somewhere.” This is so common for brides who think that prints and albums aren’t important. The photos go on Facebook and once they become old news on the newsfeed, they are forgotten and never seen again. You paid thousands of dollars and months of planning. Your wedding photos should be a regular experience in your home, whether it’s on the walls or in a beautifully presented album or memory box on your coffee table. Don’t worry, I still offer digital proofs in my collections, but I am proud to now offer the highest quality products as well.

The first product post I have is the Memory Box. This sleek manner of presenting your photos is for the discerning bride who wishes to have a more tangible experience than a simple book. You start out by picking up a heavy weight, luxurious box tied with a satin ribbon. The box measures approximately 11×14″. When you untie the bow and open the hinged lid, you are greeted by 8×12″ prints in white, heavy duty mattes. The first photo is from that time of anticipation when you are preparing in your bridal suite. The mattes that follow take you on a journey of your day, from that first look to first kiss to last dance. You have twenty mattes in all. The beauty of this box is, if you decide later you’d like to frame a photo, you can simply buy an 11×14″ frame and slip one in. This box is meant to be shared, as you pass around the mattes with a glass of wine with your new husband.

This product is also offered to my glamour and boudoir clients, enabling them to have beautiful, large prints while preserving the ability to keep them private in the beautiful box. Imagine presenting your husband with one of these after your boudoir session?

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